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  • Hello from all at Forklift Battery. We are your local U.K and Northwest forklift battery supplier and forklift battery repair specialist offering you unbeatable prices without compromising quality.

    We offer a Nationwide fitting service and feel confident we can BEAT ANY LIKE FOR LIKE QUOTE, as an independent supplier we are not tied to one brand.

    Covering all aspects of forklift battery care and maintenance. We are always happy to help and aim to give honest, impartial advice at all times.

    We stock a wide range of forklift batteries and milk float batteries for all truck manufacturers, at prices to fit your budget, these include both new forklift batteries and quality used forklift batteries fitted either in full packs or single cells.

    Other forklift battery services include - New forklift battery chargers, milk float battery, scissor lift battery, man up battery, sweeper battery, battery plugs, battery cell connector repairs, forklift battery charger repairs and the supply and fitting of cells filling systems.

    So if its a no obligation quote you require or just friendly advice on what to do next please don't hesitate to contact us.

    You wont regret it !

    I realize forklift batteries can be a confusing subject, so here are the answers to some of the most common questions that i get asked.

    Hope this helps.


    Q - Is my old forklift truck worth a new battery ?

    A - This is the most common question i get asked. If your forklift truck is reliable and in reasonable shape then the answer is a definite yes.The costs involved to replace your old forklift with a forklift that has a good battery will far outweigh the cost of replacing your old battery. Buy a cheap replacement forklift and you will be in the same situation in no time at all.

    If your forklift is in poor condition with poor reliability, then it may be time to replace it.

    Q - What exactly are used Forklift Batteries

    A - Used forklift batteries are second hand batteries, in my case usually ex-rental batteries or taken from trucks which have been scrapped as they have a mechanical fault and are not economically viable to repair. These cells are load and gravity tested before fitting and are ideal for those who only require their forklift for light usage.

    Q - What are Ex-Rental Forklift Batteries ?

    A - The ex-rental batteries are again used batteries, but are taken from packs which have been rented to customers who require a second battery at busy periods. Hence these batteries spend short periods of their life on a forklift and are also kept float charged when in storage.

    Q - Roughly How Much Will a New Battery Cost ?

    A - I would love to be able to give a simple answer to this question, but as their are scores of different battery cell types available, mixed with the fact that lead prices rise and fall on a weekly basis it is impossible to give a ball park figure. Sorry !

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